Predictions for 2015

2015 and the next 5 years will be like putting on jet-packs for IT professionals. We have already seen a huge growth in moving everything to public-cloud, private-cloud and the new hybrid cloud frameworks. If a CIO hasn’t started the migration yet they are beginning the process now. This is what I saw as high points for 2015 and I also supplied some glances from the leaders within the industry.
     – SDN and the drive to move the data center to SDDC (Software everything)
     – Hybrid Cloud and DRaaS
     – Companies will still continue to move as many workloads into a visualization platforms
     – Webscale and DevOps
     – Containers
Big Data    
      – Critical Thinking comes to the forefront and IT Skills in this area are scarce.
      – More and more business will invest and grow this area of the strategy to understand their market
      – More probes and gathering of this data within the wearables, mobiles and tracking behaviors of the customers will be a driving force.
Internet of Things (IoT)
     – Internet of Everything
     – Expansion of intelligence built into appliances and devices
     – As this area grows this will feed into Big Data Analytics
     – Steady growth of next generation will have multiple devices. The increase use of mobile devices for everyday use.

1. IoT
2. Big Data
3. Cloud and SDDC
4. SMAC 

1. Mobile Device Diversity and Management
2. Mobile Apps and Applications
3. The Internet of Everything
4. Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker
5. Cloud/Client Architecture
6. The Era of Personal Cloud
7. Web-Scale IT
8. Software Defined Anything
9. Smart Machines
10. 3-D Printing

1. “Outside-In” Accelerates
2. Industry Ecosystems Emerge

3. Big Data Analytics Enters the Boardroom
4. “3rd Platform” Shift Deepens the Critical Skills Gap
5. Digital Leadership Becomes More Defined
6. SMAC Meets the Internet of Things

1. The triumph of the public cloud.
2. Container madness.
3. Microservices architecture.
4. Liquid computing
5. Multicloud management.
6. Endpoint security innovation.
7. Machine learning.
8. The return of devops
9. The end of network switches.

Look at the depth and breadth of SwissCon Innovation trends for 2015 and you can see these items already happening in the world today and the engine driving this innovation is cloud compute services.

Innovations vision 2015 trends

What do you believe are the disruptive technologies of 2015? 

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